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Think mega!

Dear mega people,

we are happy! Megaevent2012 is a good idea! It has just been officially confirmed and we are very proud to hear that and perfectly giddy with pleasure for now we are getting supported by Think Big.


Think Big assists young people – financially and with coaches – to develop and manage their own projects. For this reason our blog will from now on also be published here: It is seriously incredible that Think Big helps us to realize our one Big vision: Megaevent2012. If some of you have their own project ideas and still need assistance to let them come to life – this is who you should contact: 🙂

Joyful greeting from mega headquarters,

Your mega team!


Mega Location in Lingen

Dear mega communiy,
with our fabulos line up for Lingen in mind there’s only one thing left to promote: The mega show’s mega whereabouts!!
Obviously it was out of question to take just any room – it had to be something special! And we definitely found just the right one: One that has in fact been voted for (by INTRO-Jahrespoll) as the 3rd best night club within Germany!!
>>drummroll<< Megaevent 2012 will take place on the 20.12.2012 at Alter Schlachthof in Lingen!! >>over and joy<<

You wanna check out the ranking yourself?

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Being good!

Dear mega people,

For a long time now we have known that Megaevent2012 isn’t just about having a good time – it is supposed to do some good in the world. Something more worthwhile… – AND yes, it should also be fun! J So we have been talking about consumer criticism and a platform for young artists and ultimately about supporting a non-profit charitable association.
We have finally decided now which association we are going to support: The initiative for water division and quality Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. (VcA)!!


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Berlin: Turbo Mega Chicks and Mr. Oh! are in da house.


My dear mega friends,

Reliable sources tell us: It’s true! They are really coming!! The Chicks and their Mr., the Mega trio + 1, the TurbOh-Meganizer themselves are about to rock Berlin into MEGALUTION. Our correspondent Meg Aevent knows more:

Meg, for the past months you have been observing the preparations at Berlin’s mega location lovelite. Tell us: How come that after the amazing Brüh Brothers in Flames, Konsch, Fortunate Fools, fOSBURY fLOP and last but not least Concorde Club Recordings there’s still more to come?

Meg: Well, you see, it doesn’t only take the mega acts to create this unforgettable evening. Maybe the most essential part of every event has not yet been discussed publicly: Who is going to be our host, who is capable of guiding us through the night of the nights? We have taken this task very seriously and I dare say: We did in fact find just the right people for this job! Weiterlesen ‚Berlin: Turbo Mega Chicks and Mr. Oh! are in da house.‘

Paaaaaaaarty in Berlin

Dear Mega fans,

how about this newest piece of mega news? Even with our mega-roster being full with miraculous talents as it is, we still have MORE for you. After Konsch, Brüh Brothers in Flames, Fortunate Fools and fOSBURY fLOP we are preparing to raise the heat even further:

The exceptional Concorde Club, an up-and-coming indie label for electro music and contemporary dance culture from Berlin, is commissioning two of their DJs for Megaevent2012 in Berlin to effect some unforgettable moments with you – when the clock strikes mega!

Concorde Club

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Mega Fossies in Berlin

Dearest mega community,

we’re getting nervous! With loads to do and loads to plan the days are literally rushing past – how fast indeed can be checked continuously with our mega countdown So it’s just barely over a month now until Megaevent2012 FINALLY takes place… Unbelievable!!

But once again we will rise from our loaded desks, abandon our work to praise and celebrate another mega act for Berlin! We are out of our wits with pleasure to announce:

fOSBURY fLOP has entered the mega universe, ready to perform the shit out of Lovelite’s mega stage!!


As the fLOPS do NOT however intend on jumping over various obstacles for us (like these amusing fellows do: but aiming to charm our mega ears into oblivion, they will force even the laziest feet onto the dance floor – note: dancing shoes really need to be our first priority in styling matters… 😉

The Fossies (which is what their fans tend to call their favorites) are a band of four from Potsdam, whose music is not easily described with words… You may however check out their tunes online: →

We are more than delighted about their support!

The whole mega community is steadily growing and prospering – which is amazing – and we seriously cannot wait for the night of the nights when all our sparkling plans finally turn into stage reality!!

Be part of something mega and send us your countdown pics!! Every contribution helps creating the mega atmosphere that will carry us through the upcoming shows – YOU can and should be part of MEGAEVENT2012




Your mega team!

Brü-ther in Berlin

Dear Megafriends!

It is unbelievable but in about 50 days Megaevent2012 will finally take place!!
Excitement is rising, hearts are racing, emotions are rolling and we are perfectly giddy with pleasure to announce and celebrate another mega act for Berlin: The Brüh Brothers in Flames!!

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